Sleeping Tiger exists to inspire, train and motivate people to bring their ‘A’ game into the world of business. This is achieved through inspirational talks, training programmes, facilitation and agitation, leadership development and mentoring interventions. The core Sleeping Tiger philosophy is contained in my book ‘Sleeping Tiger Revolution – uncommon business sense’. Click here to get your copy

Sleeping TIger Revolution

If you are a director,owner, manager or employee in a business you will be doing it for one or more of the following three reasons;

  • money to fund a lifestyle or dream
  • the love of business itself
  • the love of what it is you specifically do in business

Bringing your ‘A’ game

At some level, it doesn’t matter why you have ended up doing what you do. In an ideal world it would be a blend of all three. What does matter is that you enjoy what you do and always show up ready to put your ‘A’ game on. Working 80 hours a week in a state of overwhelm is not an ‘A’ game strategy and nor is cruising along bored. The ‘A’ game shows up when you are excited, cracking on, having fun and not taking yourself so seriously. So how do you show up ready to play at full tilt? My long and colourful career spans eight FTSE100 companies. I climbed the ladder the hard way starting as a clerical assistant and ending up as Director of Financial Operations in a major telecommunication company. I went on to help £1million + turnover small businesses with profit growth and I was able to bring to bare everything I had learned to help them. Over my seven years coaching and mentoring I studied what makes people truly successful and how to support them. It came down to four things.

“David has an addictive personality and a wealth of business experience that has most certainly benefited my team and I during the last year. “ Steven Gosling – MD of DSG Quantity surveyors

  1. deep commercial awareness based on an understanding of how businesses work, as well as a detailed understanding of your own functional expertise
  2. getting things done in ways that make the most of the strengths you have and the type of person you are
  3. the strength of the connections you have with customers, suppliers, colleagues and employees
  4. operating from a place of strong personal grounding and awareness of where your ‘awesome’ is

This is where I come in.

I help companies and people arrange themselves in such a way that they get the results they want, easily and enjoyably. Whether it is one of my hugely inspirational talks, a team facilitation/agitation, training programme or 1-1 transformational work the goal is to leave people equipped with the knowledge, habits, confidence and grounding to allow their ‘A’ game to show up.

How I do it?

I bring two things to the party (and I happen to think this makes me very unique). Firstly there is my  unusually broad and deep understanding of how companies operate (or the mechanics of business as I prefer to call it) developed through a diverse corporate career and as a coach to countless small and medium companies. This means I will have stories and experiences relevant to the specific challenges your company may be facing right now.

“Dave’s Great! Always full of ideas, optimism and humour, but at the same time a level-headed businessman. I really enjoy our meetings, always get something out of them, and really appreciate the wide blend of business skills he brings to discussion (Marketing, Financial, Operation, HR etc). I’ve not come across a business coach with such a wide range of skills before. I’d definitely recommend his services”Anthony Buxton MD Premier Business Audio

Secondly I have an deep understanding of people and how to bring out the very best of them (and the bad news is it is the complete opposite direction that most companies have been looking and investing in). I have spent the last seven years as a business coach deepening my understanding of what makes people tick and how to help them find their ‘A’ game. Working with me will brings

  • a big step up in the results that are most important to you in your job or business
  • bags of self confidence that is grounded in an understanding of how you are at your very best
  • deeper self awareness of what your real strengths are and how to capitalise on them
  • stronger relationships with the people you depend on for results
  • more productivity and resources available to you, driven by an endless well of motivation
  • a realisation that work can be effortless, enjoyable and dare you say it; fun!

If you are looking to inspire, motivate and drive yourself and your people to greater success you can find details of the kind of things I do here, or you can contact me for a conversation any time here.