If you are a director, manager, owner or employee in a business you will be doing what you do for one of three reasons

  • to earn money to fund a lifestyle or dream
  • for the love of business itself
  • for the love of what it is you specifically do

Bringing your ‘A’ game

At some level, it doesn’t matter why you have ended up doing what you do. In an ideal world it would be a blend of all three. What does matter is that you enjoy what you do and always show up ready to put your ‘A’ game on. Working 80 hours a week in a state of overwhelm is not an ‘A’ game strategy and nor is cruising along bored. The ‘A’ game shows up when you are excited, cracking on, having fun and not taking yourself so seriously. So how do you show up ready to play at full tilt?

Well I think there are just four things that matter for business success

  1. commercial awareness based on an understanding of how the mechanics of your company work, as well as a detailed understanding of your own functional expertise
  2. getting things done in ways that make the most of the strengths you have and the type of person you are
  3. the strength of the relationships you have with customers, suppliers, colleagues and employees
  4. operating from a place of strong personal grounding and awareness of where your ‘awesome’ is



This is where I come in.

I will help you arrange yourself in such a way that they get the results you want in business, easily and enjoyably. We start by stripping away all of the BS you have been telling yourself so you get back to the brilliance that you are. Then we add in a deeper understanding of how business works and how you work. You get baked for six months (the longest period I work with people) in this marinade until the best version of you emerges, instead of the version you have been trying, or pretending, to be. As we progress this journey the business results you seek will begin to arrive quicker than you could imagine from your current viewpoint, and in ways that are fun and effortless.



How I do it?

Initially we spend a day together figuring out where you are now and what is stopping you smashing through whatever self-imposed ceilings you have placed on your performance. From that place we work on adding in what you need more of and subtracting what you don’t need. We will speak every week and meet every month, away from your place of work. In between sessions I am there for you (email or phone) when you need me to support with difficult situations, discussing ideas and getting past obstacles. You will also have access to my “Everyday MBA” toolkit, to help you deepen your knowledge of the whole picture of business. At the end of our time working together you will have

  • a big step up in the results that are most important to you in your job or business
  • bags of self confidence that is grounded in an understanding of how you are at your very best
  • deeper self awareness of what your real strengths are and how to capitalise on them
  • stronger relationships with the people you depend on for results
  • more productivity and resources available to you, driven by an endless well of motivation
  • a realisation that work has become effortless, enjoyable and dare you say it; fun!

The ‘Do Nothing’ option

Of course you could do nothing and stay as you are ‒ but this has a cost too. Every day you show up as the current ‘best version’ of yourself the results suffer and you suffer. Business is, and should be, fun so why waste a day of your life deferring the results you seek? Alternatively, you could invest in an MBA, a management or leadership development programme or employ a business coach for a few years. All of these solutions will be more expensive, less fun and slower to deliver the results you really crave. Your business or career is a vehicle for you to achieve what you want from life. This is far too important, and life is far too short, to play at anything other than full tilt. This programme equips you to do just that. If you are a business owner or a decision-making executive, you can book a two-hour session to road test me without handing over a penny. In this session, we will explore three things: what do you really want, what is stopping you and how do you move forward. This session will rock your world and leave you buzzing After those two hours are up we’ll have a few different decisions we can make together …

  1. “WOW! Dave you really did rock my world! … How can I get more of this?” … and we’ll figure out the best way to work together in the structures I’ve laid out. …
  2. “WOW! Dave this is great stuff … but I’m not sure I’m ready to jump in, is there a way to ramp up to a full-blown relationship like the one you suggest?” … and I’ll help you figure out what we can do and on what time scale, maybe it will just be some resources you can access on your own, maybe something more, but we’ll figure that out together …
  3. “WOW! Dave this stuff rocks!!! … You know what it’s not for me BUT I have someone you should definitely meet you. I’ll set it up to spend the same kind of two hours with them” I will then take care of organising to meet them and give them the same quality of experience that you got.
  4. “Dave, thanks but it’s just not what I’m looking for right now”. … and that’s okay too, who knows what the future holds for us both, but then we’ll both know to a better extent where the possibilities are … and we’ll leave having spent a bit of quality time together, and I’m betting we will both be better off for it too.

So what’s it going to be? Book up a session and let’s find out!