Are you deluded about how good your people are?

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Wake up show up Do the workWhen I worked at Tesco my boss (the Director Of Audit) was involved with a Board level project to re-design the Annual Report and Accounts document. I was asked to take a look at how the commentary in our report stacked up with what our principal competitors said.

This involved trawling through the annual reports of Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrison, Safeway and Marks and Spencer. One of the things I noticed was that, without fail, everyone made the same bold statement

‘We have the best people in the industry.’ 

I figured at least four companies were lying.

How good is your good?

I’m going to make an assumption. Your product is good and there is a market for it (if either or neither of these are true you have more fundamental questions to answer).

If you are honest there are plenty of good competitors out there in the market. Companies who provide an identical or similar solution to the want/need of your customers.  These companies have access to the same technology*, talent pool, customers and market intelligence as you.


The PRINCIPAL point of differentiation you have in a market where your offer is not unique is YOU and YOUR people.


It is your ability to

  • make sense of the market in which you operate and your place in it
  • connect and build relationship with the right prospects, customers, suppliers, partners, advisors and employees
  • get clear of what you want to achieve within this context and how you plan to do this
  • make sound commercial decisions and actions
  • Interpret the feedback and data you receive to continually adapt to your customers changing needs

that determines your likelihood of getting the results you want


It is the ability of your team to

  • Translate your plan into consistent, reliable and accurate actions
  • Generate interest and leads that they can convert into customers
  • Deliver the level of service that meets the standards your customers expect
  • Create the required level of margin
  • Create and manage a positive cash position

that creates the results (or doesn’t).

My friend, Dave Kibby, recently put a status on Facebook that said

Your life right now is a representation of everything you think is true’

I make him 100% right on this but I’d also go further:

The state of your business and your results right now represent everything that you and your team think is true.

Business results that are great, good, average or awful are differentiated by simple marginal differences in the ideas, decisions, actions and conversations that occur between the business and its market. These differences are largely shaped what you and your team think about your company and the market it serves. The difference between huge growth and mediocre turnover is, more often than not, down to a difference in perspective.

This cascades through your company to those who directly work in the service of fulfilling your customers needs, whether they be in sales, delivery, service or support.

So how do you effect this shift in perspective about what is true

Well it’s a two step process that requires

  • An understanding of how perception shapes and distorts peoples world view and their performance
  • Development of the mental disciplines to allow people to look past how they normally see, and react to, business situations. In other words, you help them figure out how to hack their own perception, so they are free to think and act differently.

Here comes the rant.

I was with a client last week and we were discussing the performance of one of the business new managers. The manager in question is new to leading a team and has never had any formal management training. My clients solution to the problem was to ask me to ‘have a chat with him’ and see what I can do.

I’m not a wizard

I’m not Merlin. I can’t wave a magic wand and ‘fix’ him. This seemingly throw away comment strikes at the very heart of the problem. There are no quick solutions when it comes to people. Its taken your whole life to create the perspectives that you currently hold. That stuff can’t be shaken off overnight.

Do or do not. There is no try.

So if you are committed to being the very best you can be, having the very best team and driving the strongest results possible in your market then do just that. COMMIT. Walk the full path to transformation. This isn’t achieved with a ‘quick conversation’, a half day seminar or even a three-month trial package. The programs I have designed to give your business the breakthrough it needs or to re-align your managers and upskill your teams are the minimum to effect meaningful change. I’ve costed the packages to be between 5-10% of the payroll cost of a participant and they are all backed with a full, no-quibble money back guarantee.

So the decision is simple. Commit to success and transformation or don’t.

I have some great opporuntities for people ready to act decisively and quickly so, if you are not in the conversation yet, book your call in as soon as possible.

Make this the year you create breakthrough

*I worked out that most of my clients can have world class marketing, delivery, relationship management and accounting systems for around £400 a month.