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Just as I was about to start writing a follow on article from last week’s piece, I saw something pop up in a social media feed that I had forgotten all about. The 7th September marked the five year since I left ActionCOACH and started my own coaching business, Sleeping Tiger.

I couldn’t let this important milestone (for all of you out there as much as for me) pass by without comment. The reason I left ActionCOACH is, in itself a powerful lesson for anyone who wants to get better results in their business. So this article is what I like to call a ‘foundation rattler’. Something to shake up your thinking to drive better business results.

So buckle up and lets dive in

The wheel of results

This is the coaching wheel.


If you google ‘coaching wheel’ you’ll find countless variations on the theme, but they all broadly contain the same ideas. This is my personal version and it is a summary of the key aspects of life is that, at some points you have to attend to.

The tool helps you to reflect on whether you have things in perspective and balance (some people like to score themselves on a scale of 1-10 for each element). A balanced perspective across life can be useful. We all know that person who’s had huge business success at the cost of their relationships, or that friend of ours with the vibrant and active social life but can’t find a meaningful relationship.

Coaches can focus on particular quadrants of the wheel, or take a more generalist approach and work with wherever the low scores are. My focus, as a business coach, has always been business performance and results.

In fact as part of my Sleeping Tiger method I created a seven point wheel just for business.



Mystical powers at work

After a period of time (normally between three months and a year) working with clients I began to notice that they begin to show up differently, not just in their businesses but in all other aspects of their lives as well. Some report back that they just feel happier, have better relationships with people, focus more on their fitness or reconnect with old interests.

As a business coach this felt strange to me. My domain is a commercial one, and my interest in ‘how people work’ has been purely in relation to improving business results. It was my curiosity about what was really going on that ultimately led me to leave the franchise and pursue my own path.

The magic results button

There is a magic button; a single leverage point in people. Once it is understood and embodied it has the potential to effortlessly change their performance in all aspects of business and life. It’s a simple understanding which is both a good and bad thing. In fact I can explain it in the time it takes to drink a coffee (but understanding it is rarely enough).

As you go about your daily business life, meeting customers, selling, producing products, managing your team or making plans,  it feels like you are operating from your own free will ( there are very few people who would recognise or admit that this is not case). I’m afraid its simply not true, and its not what I see when I sit and talk with people.

In fact the ideas you have, the decisions you make, the actions you take ( or don’t take) and the way we show up are mediated by a level of sub-conscious thinking, that I call your personal story.

As situations emerge around you, your responses will be a function of how you interpret what is happening, what you want as an outcome and how you think you fit into it; all grounded in your personal story. This leads to you making far more programmed and limited responses than you think you are. This is why having someone like me around becomes useful as I can see how your story is showing up in your behaviours and decisions.

The simplest way I can describe the structure of this story is by reference to the three simple questions that the story answers about you, relative to the situation that you find yourself in


Who am I?

Who you think you are and what you think you’re capable of, shapes your responses to situations. Your thinking in this regard acts to keep you safe from the risks of rejection, failure and change. Not helpful in the world of business!


What do I want?

The beliefs you hold about what it is that you want, or don’t want, directs whether you will move towards, or away from, opportunities and challenges. On detailed inspection it often turns out that what you think you want is actually what other people have told you that you should want.


How the world works?

Your perspective on how the world works is shaped by the cultural and social narrative you were raised with and the experiences, good and bad, that have shaped your life to date.  But as the adverts say ‘past performance is not a reflection of future performance’. What didn’t work yesterday might work today, and what you thought of as true may prove not to be.


So, in other words your story shapes your personal identity, your desires and your perspective.  In any given situation these either push you forward or, as I’m more commonly finding, present barriers and roadblocks to getting where you want to get.

The last five years for my clients (whether they realise it or not) has been about creating permanent transformation so that they are able to be at their best in all situations, irrespective of their mindset or personal thinking, in that moment. The goal is to show them just how superhuman they actually are.

But as I mentioned early understanding this idea is easy, but until you ‘get it’ your true potential can remain hidden from you. For some people this is short journey and for others it may take longer. Remember you’ve lived with this story for most of your life and you are gonna resist letting go of the comfort it gives you.


The Secret

The fastest way I’ve learned to create this shift is not to focus on tactical fixes to todays problems or action plans to create growth. As soon as you attend to one aspect of your business something else will crop up ( like that fairground game where you whack moles on the head). This approach is good for one thing; the income of your Coach, Consultant, Trainer or Therapist.

The secret instead is to deeply understand what is going on in your psychology so that you are able to be curious about source and integrity of your deepest held beliefs. Once you master this everything becomes possible and you are able to effortlessly override you’re thinking and take big decisions and meaningful actions in pursuit of what you truly want

The way I do this with my clients is to do more than just coach. I also explain the principles (and the models and tools I use) behind why they are showing up in the way they are. I’ve been refining and tuning this approach over the last five years so that it gives my clients the very best chance for permanent and lasting transformation. It liberates the client from the dependency that they might otherwise feel, when I just act like an oracle or font of knowledge.

It has led to the creation of my Business Breakthrough, Commercial Leadership and Customer Ninja programs, as well as some completely new approaches to supporting business growth that go way beyond the weekly chat.

If you’d like to explore what might be possible for you, in a safe, non-salesy, conversation then you can click here for an exploration session with me.