2017…..The resolutions everyone should be making

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So we are out of the 2017 traps…

I must confess that I avoid New Years resolutions and tend to defer planning for 2017 until February. Its just too close to a big holiday for me to set my head in gear. Instead I use January as a month to reflect on the previous year; to sift out any lessons that need to be carried forward.

2016 was a strange one eh? There have been times where it has literally felt like everything I held as familiar was crumbling in front of my eyes.

The net impact so far of Brexit, Trump, Syria and all of the other global nonsense is that I managed to jettison a few friends and a few clients. People who were not able to separate differing opinions from friendship, support and hell, just plain good manners. Within the heated and emotive debate that most of us found ourselves caught up in I observed how a lot of people had a tendency to cling to their story about how things are and should be. That in itself is fine, but, when it comes to making business decisions we should seek out as much data as we can when facing important decisions.

Directors and Business Owners who are not willing to see past the story they have carried to this point are unlikely to be willing or capable to adapt to the technological, financial and market forces which are rapidly re-shaping the whole business landscape.


Its about as exciting a time to be alive and in the business of transforming business people as will ever exist.


So many famous and loved people seemed to have been lost to us last year as well.  I lost a dear friend. His name was Steve and he was just 50 years old. An ex Royal Marine and professional bodyguard. A giant of a man both in strength and in personality. It was a shock when news of his sudden death hit all of us that were close to him.  His eulogy, given by a former comrade in the military and civilian world, gave me a sense of just what a full experience of life he had lived. This served as a timely reminder to be grateful for each day, irrespective of the challenges it may contain.

Yet there were also great things that happened last year as well. Some huge breakthroughs in the treatment of illnesses, incredible new technologies (especially in renewable energy) and most excitingly, awareness of the bigger challenges we face as a species.  I’ve been tracking a changing awareness amongst my clients. In amongst all the turmoil I have seen them calmly evaluate, adapt and keep moving forward with their businesses. I’ve noticed a change in the tone of many of the conversations; something new. A recognition perhaps that growth occurs in many dimensions in business.


For me personally in the chaos (I use this word in a very positive sense) of growing a rapidly changing small practice and handling some big personal transitions and challenges, I’ve found a new level of clarity. As I top out 2016 I do so with a very very clear sense of direction; perhaps as clear as I have ever known.


I’ve realised that the most important, and in fact the only, work for me to be doing is with you, your managers and teams raising levels of performance by shifting your entire view of yourselves and of the commercial world.


Change always creates massive opportunities for commercial and personal success. But you’re going to have to let go of the safety of your old boat, in order to catch the waves that are coming.
I genuinely believe 2017 is going to be a truly great year. Will there be challenges? Sure. But I think we stand on the precipice of global change that has the potential to be good for everyone and I want in.


My mission within this is to challenge you to see and step into the very best version of yourself, in order for you to get a part of the action.

Everything you need is within you. You don’t need a business coach or a consultant to tell you what to do. Rather you need someone to reveal your authentic self to you. You have an abundance of commercial acumen, clarity of thought, confidence and creativity but you sometimes get in your own way. It’s difficult to see the woods for the trees when you’re up to your guts in todays problems and challenges. But as soon as you take the time to step back and pause for a moment you have the ability to reconnect with your grounding.


The help you need is to insightfully see your own capabilities.
Let’s make 2017 amazing together … beginning by finding our way as individuals who know ourselves as we are at our best, and how we are when we are connected to the world around us.
There are no limits to where you can go when you truly see yourself for the person you are.


So before you go into goal and target setting mode for the year here is my list of resolutions for a great year


Resolve to trust yourself and deepen your awareness of yourself. Know who you are when you show up as your very best and then notice what gets in the way of that. Your instincts and the ‘signals in your system’ are completely trustworthy when you operate from your optimum state.


Resolve to move rapidly in the direction you REALLY want to travel. Get clear about what it is you truly want. Not what others have told you that you should want. You are a unique adult with a unique requirement for a great life. I’ve let go of a lot of ‘goals’ I held for myself this year and in their place I’ve found something far more interesting that makes getting out of bed a lot easier in the morning.


Resolve to live relentlessly in the present. Live emerges in the moment. Blink and you’ll miss it. Recognise when you are in your head and when you are in the world. Watch, listen, observe, learn and respond to what is happening now, not yesterday or tomorrow.


Resolve to be wrong more often. None of us are familiar with the changes that are coming round the corner. But we will need to be willing to let go of whatever it is we have held to be true in the past. Success will be for those with the ability to let go of what they held to be as opposed to those with the ability to defend their views.


Resolve to act in spite of what you think. Stop trying to create the perfect mindset from which to act in the world. Success comes from acting in spite of your mindset, not as a result of it. Beware of the procrastination loops that some activities and tasks pull you into. These loops do not resolve themselves until you take action.


Resolve to reach out and connect with everyone. Notice and be curious whenever there is someone you should be talking to but you find yourself avoiding them or the subject. Connection is the default setting for human beings so the only thing that can be stopping you is some unreliable thinking.


Resolve to focus on the fundamentals. Good businesses do simple things well. If your results aren’t where you want them to be go back to the fundamentals before trying something new and shiny.


Resolve to challenge your sources. We think we see the world as it really is. In reality we view everything through a personal prism made up of our previous experiences, beliefs, stories and values. We unknowingly filter for agreement i.e. to prove that what we think is true actually is true. Remember YOUR perspective is only that.


So let’s go forward in 2017. Make sure you have a next step in place with me. If you are still thinking or waiting to make a decision about joining my Business Breakthrough program start as you mean to go on. Make the decision and then communicate it to me. Whether its a YES or a NO you owe it to yourself to choose. Procrastination is a 2016 mode.

I’ve got some other news about the other programs I am running which I will reveal later this week.

I look forward to being of service to you this year.
Happy 2017