2018 in just two words

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So here we go again. Head first into  the Christmas break, a few Alka Seltzers on New Years day and off we go again. 

I’ve been writing frantically getting the ideas for my new book down in first draft (I’ll be asking some of you to have a read at the end of January so let me know if you’d be interested to sit on the review panel). The ideas have been coming easily, even if the precise wording hasn’t. This year I have focussed on deepening my current understanding rather than chasing shiny new ideas and I feel like I have really hit a seam of gold. Its a reboot of Sleeping Tiger Revolution and it has the potential to shift the way people see themselves and the world of business.

But there are two words that keep coming up: Freedom and Choice


I’ve worked with people helping to improve their business and leadership performance for well over a decade now; so that they get to be the person they want to be. In the background I’ve been wrestling with my own answer to the very same enquiry…what is it I actually want.

At the surface level it can look like you do what you do for money,  a sense of status or maybe to serve others. But its not. I love the sound that jet fighters make as they tear through the sky but, like profit and reputation,  the sound is simply a by-product of them doing what they do.  If you want an inspired sense of direction you need to look deeper than the side effects of your business.

We spend every moment of every day attempting to close the gaps between where we are and where we want to be. For some the goal may be to move away from an experience of life and business that you are not enjoying, and for others it is pull of something bigger and bolder.

‘We are all searching for silence’ – Chip Chipman

When I went to the conference where I first heard Chip, one of the presenters say this, my initial reaction was to write it off as hippy bullshit. However, over the weeks after the conference I began to hear it differently and its truth became very apparent to me.

Whether you are a millionaire striving and working to be a billionaire, an Olympic athlete trying to cut a second off their best time or a single mother struggling to raise their children on a limited budget we are all searching for an experience of life that is characterised as a quiet mind; a sensation of being comfortable in our own skin and able to be present to the world that we occupy.

This silence isn’t about inactivity. For many people, myself included, silence comes from conditions of intense focus, physical load or in the flow of artistic creation. Silence is not passive. It is a state of connection and flow that leads us to have the experience of being exactly the person we want to be.

What does silence mean for you?

This pursuit of becoming who we are meant to be, doing the things we want to do and the stuff we want to acquire; occupies our conscious and sub conscious minds every moment of the waking and sleeping hour and in every moment we have…..


I’ve come to realise this year, more than ever, that we have choice in every moment. Even when it doesn’t look like choice is present. No matter what is happening to you; good or bad; you are able to choose

  • Perspective – problems and opportunities are simply a matter of perception. Sometimes all it takes is a simple shift in how you are looking at things to open up new possibilities for growth and results and
  • Direction – Every idea you have, decision you make, action you take or conversation you hold, in very moment of every day is either moving you toward, or away from what it you want. Every step is a choice
  • Response – You can’t always influence the things happening around you but you ALWAYS have the choice of how you respond to it. Taking a moment to think outside your default patterned set of responses can help you to access a whole new menu of potential

When you deeply understand what freedom means to you and you recognise the presence of choice in every moment you are ready to show up in the world as the person you truly are and to move confidently in the direction that you want to move in.

Happy Christmas :-)