Breaking the state of overwhelm

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Are you feeling the heat? Does it sometimes feel like you will never get in control of the workload or find time to do the really important stuff that you know is key to true success? Overwhelm seems to be at epidemic levels.
Whilst the causes of overwhelm are many and varied the solutions are pretty limited. The challenge is actually not the overwhelm but your refusal to take action to fix it. Watch the video and make your choice.

Overwhelm is the result of not taking the right decisions and actions to keep your company workload manageable. But before you go rushing in remember that your grounding plays a huge part in the extent to which you feel overwhelmed (or not). My clients hate it when I remind them that they are ‘as busy as they think they are’ . The following story (taken from my book) explains

‘I noticed in the last few years of my corporate career I would get feelings of stress and anxiety about my workload. I put this down to my boss placing unreasonable demands and deadlines on me. Several of my colleagues complained of the same challenges and we would sit over lunch bemoaning our workload. We used to conspire in each other’s misery, all of us except one. He had the same workload as the rest of us, but he seemed to effortlessly carry on calmly and without complaint. The only difference between us was that his thinking about workload was different to mine.’


There has never been a better time to explore and make a decision about workin