Bypassing years of Business coaching

Business Leaders engaged me as a coach to improve their results. They have a sense that they could be getting more from the time, money and energy they are investing, but are stuck.
I’ve spent the last eight years as a business coach so I know that it works. But, I’ve always felt there was a faster way to create the changes needed to get you unstuck. Its taken me a good few years to figure out the ‘how’.


Johns story

The very first sales meeting I ever did as a business coach  was with a  data networking company. The owner (lets call him John) had built the business up from nothing. He employed twenty people and turned over around £15m on solid margins. He owned a beautiful house in the countryside (he showed me a picture), drove an Aston Martin and didnt really have to do very much in his company.

At first pass you’d certainly not think he would be in the market for my advice. In fact he sounded like an example of exactly what I was supposed to help owners achieve in business. But I had a sense there was something underneath this story so I pushed on with questions.  It was one particular question that opened up the conversation:  ‘why did you start this business?’.

John revealed a few things to me. He was suffering with boredom and he didnt have a clear purpose. Below the usual reasons for starting a business it became clear that he was trying to impress his father who had not really held anything John achieved in particularly high regard.  He had fallen out of love with his business because of the pressure he felt to keep it growing.

John never became a client (largely a function of me not being very good at explaining what it was I would do to help him).  However I did bump into him a few years later. After years of leaving things as they were he had invested in a Marketing manager and was busy as a result of some marketing campaigns that had proved hugely successful. His business had grown to £20m turnover in just two years.  Then he said something interesting. He claimed his shift in thinking was as a result of the meeting we had. He couldnt remember precisely what I had said but it made him feel differently.
Part of me was happy and part of me was pissed off. I’d worked some magic and not invoiced him for it!!!!

I have countless examples of this phenomena. A conversation with me led someone to change. Sometimes they start doing the things they knew all along they should be doing. Other times they saw a new opportunity, strategy or direction.

These ‘A-ha’ moments are the true value in business coaching. The problem is over the course of a coaching relationship there is a load of filler too. The filler is the time spent going over the same old issues, explaining ideas that are not useful at the time, dealing with day to day business life and asking why things aren’t being done.

Now, I’m a path of least resistance kinda guy. I help my clients search for the most direct path to the results they want. As a result I get frustrated by the ‘filler’ time. I turned my attention to answering two questions

How do we circumvent all the dead time and get straight to the game changing shifts?
How can you create the internal changes you need to move forward without the need for a coach?

The truth is that in order for you to get what you want you have to look in a completely different direction to where most Business leaders look. The next level of success and results is not where you think it is.  You don’t need: BIGGER, CLEARER GOALS, HARDER WORK, MASSIVE ACTION or TO CHANGE WHO YOU ARE.

In fact, quite the opposite. You already have everything you need but you are getting in your own way.

Business success is a combination of luck, timing, inspired creativity and determined action. Every business idea you have and every decision, conversation and action you take is mediated by a story you tell yourself. Its a story about who you are, what you want and how business works. The story either moves you forward or holds you back.  If its moving you forward you don’t need me or anyone else motivating you (in fact you will probably not even be reading this).

The ‘A-ha’ moments are not as a result me being a brilliant coach. These game changing shifts come when you see how your story holds you back and that enable you to move forward with confidence and speed create the big breakthroughs for you come when you see past the story you’ve been telling yourself which But just imagine if you could see how the story was influencing your actions and results? past the roadblocks and obstacles the story creates

But its just a story and a persepctive. Its not truth or reality. So what if you could change it?

Coaching is an answer. Its not THE answer

The source of ‘A-ha’ moments is not business coaching. Business coaching can tease these ideas out of you but the shift in perspective is internal to you. The biggest ‘A-ha’ moment I have had since embarking on my coaching career has been this:-

The only leverage point for success in your business is (drum roll)……..YOU.  More specficially it is how YOU see the world of business and how you see yourself within it. This is what I like to call finding your grounding.

When you are grounded you can deal with whatever gets thrown at you whilst keeping moving towards what you want. You have the confidence to take big decisions in the face of uncertainty, the self belief to lead your team forward, the ability to look at a situation and figure out the next move. You can self direct, motivate and correct yourself without a coach

In this program you will get crystal clear about what it is about you that creates success and what it is that creates blockages. You will be able to recognise who you are at YOUR very best and be able to access this state at will (you’ll have fewer ‘bad’ days). We’ll be applying all the learning direct into your business so you will also see some big result shifts begin to appear. Not only that but you won’t become dependent on me, or anyone else to support you going forward.

I was taught a simple model in ActionCOACH; GET CLIENT, KEEP CLIENT.  Retaining clients is good for me financially. Yet, there was something that made me uncomfortable about the idea right from the start. It struck me that there was an arrogance implied in the need for clients to retain me. 

I don’t want that for you, or for me, anymore.

I want you best placed to drive the performance and results that you want from yourself and your company, as efficiently and quickly as possible.

To do this I need to do two things
–   work with you to unpack the elements of your story that are holding you back from showing up at your very best in your company.
–   deepen your understanding of the commercial principles at play in your business and the ‘thinking’ tools you need (essentially I’ll help you understand how I am working when I sit in front of you).

This is a much more exciting and easy way for you to get where you want. It brings out the best in you which enables you to make sound commercial decisions and effortlessly lead your company with confidence.

Earlier this year my coach (a world renowned behavioural expert) helped me design a program of work that would give you the massive business breakthroughs, without years of coaching and support. In fact its like three years of coaching boiled down to its key essence. 

The Bold Breakthrough programme

An average client engagement with me is three years.  This equates to  around £36k in fees and face to face time of around 240 hours (or six sold working weeks).  So what if I could distill all that work down to its most vital components and help you get the results you really want quicker than you could imagine? What would happen to your results if you had the

– creativity and knowledge to devise strategies to overcome challenges or exploit opportuntities
– self confidence to take a strong leadership position with your team
– self belief to take quality decisions and actions, even when you are faced with uncertainty
– motivation to keep taking action when you are called to do something you dont want to or when things are getting tough
– resilience to learn from setbacks and not allow them to define you

I’m going to remove all of the superflous content and side conversations that go with a long term coaching relationship and zone in on the critical shifts that I know make the biggest difference to your business. There are six of them.

– How you relate to your business and what you want from it
– The gap between where you are and where you want to be
– How you show up and organise yourself within your business
– How you take decisison against the backdrop of uncertainty
– How you lead and get others to manage your business
– How you deal with emergent changes and make course corrections

Now I know these all seem quite simple things to think about. But it is only when you get under the surface of these issues that the real value and quantum leaps in your thinking will occur. Each one of these questions forms a session in the programme and each has the capacity to  catapult you forward. Taken together they equip you with everything a coach brings to the party, in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

All of these one day sessions are run in a very small group (no more than six participants) which allows for lots of particpation and individual focus. You will gain huge value from sharing their challenges with other owners and directors.

In addition you will have a monthly 1-1 session so I can support you with implementing the ideas into your business. During the six months you will have 24/7 access to me and the materials I am developing to support this program.


This program isn’t for everyone. You need to be a director in, or the owner of, a company turning over at least £1m and have been in a director level role for at least five years. If you’ve been involved in running a company for a few years you will have built up a lot of experience, good and bad. This will help inform your own learning during the program but will also help others participants by providing new perspective on their challenges.

If you meet these criteria you owe it to yourself to invest some time with me exploring how this could work for you. You should certainly explore this before investing in any help in growing your business. During this complimentary consultation we will explore how this idea applies to your specific situation and the potential that could exist for you.

Need to know more?

If you would like to explore  how this program can support your business growth or get answers to some of the questions you may have then you can book a phone conversation with me here