“Dave’s Great! Always full of ideas, optimism and humour, but at the same time a level-headed businessman. I really enjoy our meetings, always get something out of them, and really appreciate the wide blend of business skills he brings to discussion (Marketing, Financial, Operation, HR etc). I’ve not come across a business coach with such a wide range of skills before. I’d definitely recommend his services” Anthony Buxton – Managing Director (Premier BA)

The only way you can describe Dave is as a business transformation artist. He brings uniquely simple and powerful models to bare on your business challenges. He blends a rare breadth and depth of understanding of business principles, psychology and action disciplines to get your business moving again, by harnessing the latent potential of yourself and your people.

After a long and diverse corporate career (starting as a sixteen year old Clerical Assistant and ending up as Director of Financial Operations in a major UK telecommunication company) he left the corporate world and began to focus on helping SME’s to grow and prosper.

His impact on you and your business will be immediate and profound. He cuts past the detail to get to the heart of the challenges you face and helps you figure out the path of least resistance to get where you are trying to go. His has a direct, to the point approach, tempered only with humour and a genuine desire to help people extend to the full reach of their potential.

Outside of work he is a keen snowboarder, traveller, stand-up comedian and the author of a comedy book about middle aged dating – Tidy up on your way out.

If your business is stuck, spending time with Dave is the greatest time investment you can possibly make.