Coaching Myths – Whatever the challenge, money is the answer!

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If only my business made more profit I would be happy and have the life I want. 

The idea that you somehow need to defer your happiness now to work for a great future is deeply engrained in us by our parents and the education system.

My studies of successful people whether in sport, business, conservation or any other field, reveals one simple truth that drives success. They love doing what they do. As a result all of the hard work, which is vital, is fun and effortless.

So before you do anything new with your business here is a question that will give you the willies.

If all job paid the same money what would you choose to do for a living?

This opens up possibilities that you may have ignored or desires you have found excuses not to follow.

Why would you prioritise the potential for happiness tomorrow when you could have it today?

If that question is too much for you to deal with, given the energy and time you have put into your current business, try this alternative. There are not many business owners that I have met who don’t love at least one aspect of their business so here is a slightly less scary question.

What activity gives you most pleasure in your current business?