Do it, Dump it or Delegate it!

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Are you struggling with a never ending list of tasks requiring your time and focus? s the “must get round to” pile chipping the artex off the ceiling?

Try applying one of the 3 D’s to each task:

DO IT – stop staring at it, schedule it and get it done

DUMP IT – give up deluding yourself it will ever get done. It simply isn’t important enough to ever get focus when there is so much else going on.  In fact quite literally delete it or throw it away so you are completely free of it. Learn to say no so you don’t keep accumulating this stuff in the first place!

DELEGATE IT – get someone else to do it.  Train one of your team to take on tasks that you don’t have time for (remember your time is precious).  If you don’t have someone to perform administration tasks for you ask yourself “how much is saving a salary costing my business?”