‘Doing fine’ is a danger sign

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I’ve had telemarketers dialling in London over this last week, targeting £2m + business owners for conversations (some of you may well get a call this week as well). In the telemarketers report I noticed a lot of comments similar to this one

‘We’ve gotten along fine for years doing what we do and don’t need your stinking help.’

Okay, so you’re doing fine…and that’s great! I get it. You have got along fine for years without knowing me….needing me…or needing my help, in fact you don’t know who I am or what I do and that’s all been fine and dandy.

But, are any one of these familiar?

  • Knowing your business really could produce better results with less stress, if only you could figure out how
  • Frustration with operational problems and cock ups that it feels like you have to spend every day dealing with
  • A gap between the results and lifestyle you wanted when you started and what you find yourself doing now….day after day with little relief in sight.

I know the feeling in my own life.

My corporate career was, by most people’s standards, better than fine. Starting as a sixteen-year old tea boy, a combination of luck and judgement led me up the ladder and I ended up as the Director of Financial Operations managing the finances of a billion turnover household name business. Life was good; great salary, bonus and benefits, a big house and all the trappings of success. 

I worked hard and played hard and fought the good fight. I did what was asked of me, achieved some incredible things and kept smiling. But under the surface something was deeply wrong. I lived with a constant sense that I was not good enough and that my success was down to luck.

There was an itch I couldn’t scratch, a voice in my head that was trying to point me in a new direction. But my lack of confidence and belief in myself kept me trapped in the world of ‘doing fine’, getting more stressed and less happy with each passing day. 

So in my view ‘doing fine’ is not a good thing. In fact I’ll happily stick doing fine where the sun doesn’t venture.

If the person I am now could have talked to the person I was, I would have been able to create a breakthrough for myself. It would have gone one of two ways;

  • I’d have worked out that there was nothing wrong with me, just a bunch of Grade A B.S. obscuring my vision. This would have allowed me to show up differently in my job and make the whole corporate ride a much more enjoyable experience for me, or
  • I would have left my job and pursued a new path

Either way it would have been one hell of a conversation; the type I have with the business people I meet, and work with, every day.

Whatever you’ve done so far has got you to this point. You’ve made the best decisions given the information, perspectives and resources available to you. You’re OK and you’re doing fine. But what is the itch you aren’t scratching? What’s your four-minute mile?

Isn’t it time you gave these ideas an airing and a thorough kicking with me? I’ll quickly help you filter out incremental and tactical improvements and get straight to the big breakthrough potential. Then I’ll show you how you can move to execution, navigating effortlessly past the barriers and excuses you’ll be damn sure to put in the way.

Neither of us can know what will come out of this conversation but it only takes one shift in perspective and BAM! you access a whole new level of performance, lifestyle and outcomes.

And that my dear reader is why I will never accept that ‘doing fine’ is good enough for you, or for me.

There are two ways you can engage in this game changing conversation with me

Book yourself a Business Breakthrough conversation here and I will give you 90 minutes of my time either on line or face to face (your choice)

Book yourself a place on my next Breakfast and Breakthrough session where you can come along and explore these ideas in the company of other business owners and a decent breakfast.

Remember the conversation you didn’t have cannot help you so do this today, right now, while its fresh in your mind.