Don’t get too busy worrying about you can’t do – get busy getting what you can do done!

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I was with one of my clients sales people today.

She was feeling stressed so I asked her to tell me what was happening.  She reeled out an endless list of challenges, issues, balls-ups and uncompleted tasks.  I scribbled everything down working as hard as I could keep up.

The list was impressive so I handed it to her and asked her to make a note of the next action she needed to take on each issue.

To her surprise she found everything on the list fell into one of three categories:

  • Nothing I can do about this (50%)
  • Nothing I can do about this right now (35%)
  • Things I need to get done (15%)

She instantly relaxed and a point was made.  Busy-ness is more often that not in your head.  So, the next time you’re feeling overwhelmed take a short walk, then sit down and write a list :-)

Instant calm!