Fishing for More Business

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Fishing for more business?
Don’t just sit there do something!
From a young age we are programmed to be creatures of habit.  Our assumption is that change means hard work, possible failure and the BIG one – stepping outside our comfort zone; so it’s simpler to do things the way we always have.  Right?
If you are finding your business is not delivering the money and lifestyle you want change is imperative for success.

This need for change was really brought home to me whilst on a family fishing holiday last week.  Sitting next to my young nephew, I became frustrated when he, fishing in the same swim as me, kept catching massive carp… compared to my little tiddlers!
This got me scratching my head (and getting a little red-faced).  How was he able to attract the bigger fish to his hook?  Why did the fish choose his rod over mine?   So I looked at what bait he was using and was surprised to find that he was using luncheon meat.  He told me that he had read that carp love it so he had changed his regular bait (same as mine, maggots) to catch more fish.
Now, I had tried luncheon meat in the past but had found that it always fell off my hook so I gave up using it and stuck to my traditional maggots.
But guess what I did?  You’ve got it…  I made the change from maggots to luncheon meat and do you know, within 1 hour I had caught 3 big carp!
The moral of this story is that if I hadn’t been willing to change my normal fishing pattern I would have sat there all day getting more and more frustrated that my nephew was catching the big fish and I wasn’t.  The fact that I made the change not only meant that I caught better fish but I got greater enjoyment out of my fishing experience.
And in the back of my mind, it got me thinking, how many big carp had I missed out on in the past through my fear or negativity of trying new baits?
Change is good.  Change means that you put your business in a much better position to achieve your lifestyle requirements.

Overcoming fear of change = BIG RESULTS!

Here are five ideas that give you 25 ideas to change your business for the better:
1.       Get brainstorming with your team and write down 5 improvement ideas that you could implement in your business – Today!
2.       Read Instant Cashflow by Bradley J. Sugars and identify 5 of his ideas that would work well in your business – then implement them!
3.       Think of 5 things you used to do that worked within your business but, for whatever reason, you have stopped doing them and then RE-IMPLEMENT them
4.       Speak to your top 5 customers and ask them what your business could do to improve their experience of your business – then implement these
5.       Book a place on my next seminar or organise a free session with me to identify what is really possible for your business