For Goodness Sake ASK!!!

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This week I was walking through one of my clients sales processes with them. We noted that the law of intent was operating with potential customers. This law states that unless the customer acts while the idea and emotion of your conversation with them is fresh in their mind, their desire evaporates exponentially from the time they leave you to go and “think it over”.

My client sells high value luxury products from a showroom and recalled many occasions where customers had bought from him with an attitude of “let’s just pick one and go, I don’t want to go and trawl through another showroom”. Presumably this meant that they were also losing good sales to other showrooms for the same reason.

Research conducted across a wide range of sectors indicates that in 70% of cases sales people simply do not ASK FOR THE SALE and thereby give the customer an opportunity to think themselves out of the sale.

We brainstormed ideas for closing customers on the day and came up with these:

  • Always make sure the customer has a range of purchasing options from your showroom to limit their need to look elsewhere (I believe this is often referred to as a three option close)
  • Before the customer decides, go and check stock availability. Communicate this to the customer so they understand any potential scarcity if they delay purchasing. Take a deposit to hold the product or order a product for them
  • Give them somewhere to think it over, with a decent cup of coffee, so they do their thinking in your showroom
  • Carry a stock of your competitors brochures and know their products as well as you know your own so you can advise customers
  • Have an “added value” offer in your back pocket for customers who are close and just need help to buy

These ideas are not suitable for every business but taking them and adapting them can help a lot of you to close on the day. After all, you know that the customer is best served buying from you aren’t they?