Four Minute Mile

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In 1954 Roger Bannister finally achieved the seemingly impossible and ran a sub four minute mile (3m 59.4s).  Since then the sub four minute mile has become the standard of all professional middle distance runners and the record has been lowered by almost 17 seconds.

Thinking about your business, what are your own “four minute miles”?

What are the self imposed ceilings on the performance of your business that if you could remove them, would take you to the next level?

When I am talking to business owners some of the most common “four minute miles” I hear relate to:

  • Taking on new employees so you free up time to grow your business
  • Upgrading or expanding premises
  • Embarking on marketing investments to grow the customer and revenue base
  • Putting up prices

The reality is that most of our “four minute miles” come from one thing; FEAR, or as we say in ActionCOACH; False Expectations Appearing Real.

The truth is no business ever progresses without taking bold decisions.  If you can look at these decisions with a “how much better my business will be” rather than a “what could go wrong” mindset, imagine where you could take your business?

Write down your own list of “four minute miles” and then set goals and timescales for how and when you are going to break them.

Start to take action towards your goals straight away and let momentum build.