Have you been to Someday Isle?

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Is there a skill you want to learn or an activity that, if you can truly master, would take your business to the next level? 

Perhaps mastering sales, learning to play guitar, a foreign language, a new trade skill.


These activities always end up on our favourite island; Someday Isle!  Someday I’ll develop leadership skills, be a better salesman, learn to play guitar or teach myself Spanish.

The task feels too big so it gets put off and is never started It’s a classic “eat the elephant situation” and the only way to tackle it is a chunk at a time.

If you spend half an hour a day studying the subject or skill, after one year you will have spent the equivalent of 22 8 hour working days mastering it. Imagine where that could take you?  Do you think it would get you closer to achieving your dreams than spending that half hour watching mindless TV?

What are you waiting for?