Hope is Not a Plan

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Can spending a day preparing a 90 day plan really change your life?  I doubt it. However the decision to start moving your business in a direction that gives you the freedom and lifestyle you really want can.


In spite of what some people and books may tell you creating a business that you can sell or leave running while you get on with living takes between 3-5 years (depending on what stage of evolution your business is currently at). The reason for this is that life has a habit of throwing all sorts of crap at us to keep the vast bulk of our time focussed on other stuff.

Most of us humans are not that good at long term projects. Something that is five years away is easily put off until ‘tomorrow’. The best way to deal with these big long term tasks is to treat them like a long walk and do them one step at a time.

For my clients a 90 day plan is one of those footsteps towards where they want to be. It is a clearly articulated, WRITTEN DOWN, set of priorities, actions and deadlines designed to move you TOWARDS your dreams.

Our next 90 day planning period is July – September and it contains 64 working days. The time to do the plan for this period is in JUNE. If you spend just ONE HOUR a day in this period completing your plan you will have invested a very respectable chunk of time in building rather than operating your business.

SO what should go in your plan? I look at the following areas

1 Profit Growth –What strategies am I going to implement so that I grow my customer numbers, turnover and margin?

2 Habits – What new habits am I going to begin that will help keep me focussed, efficient,in control and that will ensure my customers keep using my services?

3 Systems and Team – What actions am I going to take to inspire and motivate my team and to build processes so that my business will continue growing and working without me in it?

3.5 Me – what development and learning will I do to stay ahead of the competition and focussed?

You should take at least a day out of your business to do a 90 day plan and structure your planning like this

  • A review of the last quarter results – what went well and what sucked
  • Your priorities, goals and ideas for the next 90 days
  • Actions – Who, what, where and when

When you have done your plan you should pin it on the wall next to your desk and review it every day for a few minutes to make sure you are on track. Remember every day you slip back, so does the end result you want

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