How to Get the Right People on The Bus

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This week I had an interesting discussion with a client on the subject of recruitment.  He is mopping up the aftermath of parting company with a poor performing manager.

The manager’s inabilities have been devastating on customer service, the morale of the team and ultimately the profitability of the business division he was running and it has left the business owner terrified of getting in another sub-standard manager.  Of course anyone who has had to recruit a lot of people will be familiar with this situation.

I asked my client to describe how he gone about recruiting and he told me that after an interview he decided “he will do”.  As soon as he said that he had once of those light bulb moments we all get from time to time.  Of course in reality “he will do” are the worst possible words to use in the context of recruiting a new team member.  The words indicate some element of doubt in your choice.

Why would you compromise on who you bring into you’re your business?  Getting recruitment wrong can cost you customers and a lot of profit, but worst of all it takes up your precious time and ladles lots of positive feelings out of your emotional bucket.

So here are eight tips for getting the right people on the bus:

  1. Generate a large pool of candidates and make the job advertisement and description interesting
  2. Make them leave a message on an answer phone to apply for the job.  That way you can test their phone skills
  3. Insist on a CV
  4. Insist on a CV and a covering letter
  5. Put them through a group interview process so you can see how well they interact with others when under pressure
  6. Learn proper structured interviewing techniques to make the most of the interview process
  7. Use a psychometric profiling tool
  8. Take up references ALWAYS

If in doubt it’s a NO.  Go back and start again and do not compromise your standards.

When you find a great candidate…act fast!

I have been recruiting for a role in my team over the last few weeks and contrary to a lot of the rumours about the absence of good quality people in this area, I have got to say I have really struck gold.
Six great calibre candidates attended my group interview as a result of the awesome advert I used and we short-listed four.

Then I made a mistake!  I went away on holiday for a week and scheduled the interviews for my return.
Two of the candidates had been offered other roles.    The moral: spread a wide net but act fast (keeping to a good recruitment process) when good candidates emerge.