If you Need More Sales the Answer is Easy – Take Action

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Most of you will have had experience of hard selling at some point in your life and will know how it actually puts you off making a purchase.  Even if you do buy you are unlikely to become a regular.  We can sniff out a sales pitch from a hundred yards so the historic “foot in the door” approach just doesn’t work.  Sales is about professionally helping the right people to buy your products and services.  Start thinking like that and see what it does for your results.
Being good at Sales now means being good at engaging and building relationships with people, something we can all do to varying degrees of success.  Therefore anyone can develop Jedi sales skills if they focus on these three things:
When I was a kid I remember my mum making me hide behind the sofa because the insurance salesman was at the door.  Later in life I was told by a car salesman that I would never be any good at selling because I refused to stand up and sing in front of him.  My attitude towards selling was shaped by experiences such as this.  What about you and your team?  If you have had an experience of poor selling it can shape your beliefs and impact your performance.  It effects how willing you or your team will be when it comes to selling to customers.  You and your teams attitude to sales is the single biggest determinant of how successful, or not, your business will be.
By developing a positive attitude towards sales, not only does the business benefit but so do you and your team.  Learning to sell and overcoming  limiting beliefs generates massive self confidence that transfers to all aspects of your life. It takes time and commitment but the rewards are massive.
If you asked a three year old to go and sell a bar of soap to a neighbour could they do it?  I feel pretty sure they could make a damn good go of it.  Sales is a skill that we all possess in some degree.  At first they may burn a few potential leads but once they get the hang of it their conversion rate will improve.  When you first try something new the chances are you are not going to be good at it.  Perhaps for every 20 calls you only make one sale.  However as you invest in practice and learning (there are plenty of phenomenal books and training aids to help salespeople) your ratio gets better and better and the process becomes easier.  Taking on some new ideas and skills regularly means improved performance and self confidence.  You become leveraged getting more sales with less effort. 
At the end of the day there is some truth to the “sales is a numbers game” philosophy.  The more activity (calls, letters, visits and follow ups) the more results.  The number one strategy for increasing activity is to measure it.  How many calls, how many proposals, how many sales, existing vs new customers, conversion ratios?  How well do you understand your sales machine?  Remember what gets measured get managed and what gets rewarded gets repeated so make a decision to get in control of your sales effort today.
So in order to continue on my mission of making Basingstoke businesses the highest performing in the country I am going to help you take these three challenges head on.  You can find out more here