I’m Not in Sales!

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We all have our own favourite stories about rubbish customer service (ask me about my experience with the Festival Place car valeting service some time!!!) – how would your customers describe your service?… honestly!!!

Click on the image and enjoy the ideas in this months video and here are my top tips for great customer service which will keep your customers coming back for more:

  • Flowchart your delivery process and train all of your team to follow the same one
  • Focus on bottlenecks, delays and customer touch points.  Match what the very best do
  • Have a complaints procedure that resolve the customers problems and makes them love you even more
  • Remember your biggest enemy in the war to retain customers is your own complacency

You see, I happen to now like aspects of selling.  It is the noblest of professions as it is perfectly measurable and more importantly it can be FUN!!!

It wasn’t always like this for me but experience and working with my coach has helped to convert me.

In reality the days of hard selling are long gone.  People won’t stand for it anymore and can sniff out a sales pitch a mile away… however they love to buy stuff that satisfies their needs and makes their problems disappear.

So, here’s my top five tips for becoming great at helping people buy your goods and services (how about that as a good definition of selling)?

  • Read books, train and attend seminars that will hone your sales skills.  Continually invest time and money in yourself.  Email adminteam@actioncoach.com for a list of my personally recommended books or to book a place on my free workshop
  • Write down why you are the person to buy from, why your company is awesome and how using your products and services will make your customers lives better
  • Ask your customers and prospects really smart questions to understand what they want instead of boring them to death with how brilliant you, your company and your products are.  What are your 10 killer sales questions?
  • Sell a relationship not a product or service.  Focus on how you can help your customer rather than what you can sell them.  This way you take the pressure off yourself to sell and allow yourself to develop close rapport which will lead to sales over time.  Some of my clients were in discussion with me for over a year before we started to work together so DON’T LOSE TOUCH!

WOW!  I promise you if you act on these ideas your SALES WILL GROW.  If you sit there and take no action your SALES WILL DIE.