In search of imperfection

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I have hours of recorded of video from a number of training programs I have run over the last few years. At least one set of videos has even been formatted ready to turn into an online training program. Yet it has just sat there and I’ve done nothing with it.

The reason for this appears to be that there is part of me who thinks it just isn’t good enough for release and I’d need to re-film the content for it to be palatable to a paying audience. Sometimes I wish I cared a bit less about this content because then it would be out there and the market could decide whether its good enough.
But its not that simple.¬† In the case of this content there is a genuine knowing underneath what looks like procrastination in search of perfectionism. It is that to put my time into getting this content prepared and ready is just not a good use of my day right now. So I let it go and trust that I’ll attend to it when the time is right.
I’ve learned to live with a level of imperfection both in myself and in what I do. If I am going to use my gifts to their fullest I know that I’m going to need to create an organisation around me but that option is not available to me right now, so I’ll operate within the constraints that I currently have and adapt as the opportunities arise.
Since I’ve increasingly noticed how my experience gets created by my own personal thinking I’ve found myself caring less about a lot of things. I’ve learned to apply a simple challenge to myself when I find myself getting up tight and its one simple question
What would it feel like to be OK about this?
I’ve noticed my clients getting snagged up in the detailed minutiae of business. The customer complaint, the late payer, the employee who takes a Monday sick, the feud with a colleague or the gossip going on in the tea room. I see these little cares constantly drawing my clients attention away from the truly important work of leading and directing their businesses.
The choices you make about where to put your attention, focus and energy are the single most important factors in both the nature and speed of the growth levels you achieve. If you invest your time in dealing with every issue or problem that emerges I can predict the level of improvements you will see to your results in the next twelve months as small.
Of course these things need dealing with and that is why you pay people to work in your business; to prevent the need for interventions and to undertake such intervention should it be needed. Your time is better spent confronting and resolving the underlying causes of these problems. In other words making sure
  • you have the right quality and quantity of the right people, managed to the right level
  • you understand how your market is moving and changing
  • you are getting accurate and timely data about what is going on
  • your systems are minimising the possibility for errors and omissions.

The important thing to remember here is that you are getting the behaviours you tolerate and the results you are set up to obtain. So if you are not going to deal with the challenges at root cause level because you will continue to fall victim to the transactional hamster wheel.

If fixing these is not a priority or you won’t take the ‘difficult’ decision or action then stop putting your attention on the problems that arise as a result and accept that imperfection is in the nature of business.