Is your business growing or dying? You have to choose

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In this weeks video I talk about an experience that I had while rock climbing that is highly relevant to todays business environment. It is about taking a choice in business to either grow or die.

Double Dip Recession – A climbers tale

An animal or plant can only exist in two states. It is either growing or dying. There is no such thing as a stable state. When you go into business this principle also applies. A business that is not growing is dying. As your customers and market evolves you have to keep pace so standing still is not an option if you want to build wealth and freedom.

This presents a dilemma for us as human beings. We dont like to change (even when we think we do). This is an evolutionary mechansim that works on a very simple principle – what kept me alive yesterday will keep me alive today. The human world is changing at a pace that our neuro physiology cant keep up with so this isnt particualry helpful to us. It means that whenever we come under pressure we have to consciously push ourselves through perturbation (more commonly known as your comfort zone) in order to grow the business and ourselves.

Here are my 3.5 key indicators that a business has stopped growing and is slowly dying

  1. Sales and/or margins are static or reducing AND there is no written plan in place and being executed to address the problem. By executing against a simple profit building plan you can grow your business even in declining markets
  2. There has been no change to the structure of the business (either more people or improved processes) or its marketing strategies in the last year. The business has got stuck at a level and has plateaued. The commonest reasons for this are that you are too busy or something in your thinking is holding you back from the next big move
  3. The owner and the team have stopped investing time and money in their own learning. You cannot outearn your learning so once you reach the point at which your knowledge stops so does your business.

3,5 – You are tired and exhausted. There is a lot of fear and anxiety in the world at the moment and it is weighing you down

The good news is that these symptoms can be treated. If any of these are true for you that why not talk to me and I can give you some ideas. You can schedule a half hour phone call with me by going back to the home page and clicking on the “Check Availability” button.