It’s Time to Target Your Marketing

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Who are your prospective customers;┬áthose elusive people that need to be connected to your products and services? Just to be clear, “Any company or individual” is not a target market for a small business. It may be for the big corporates who have the resources to conduct the marketing equivalent of “carpet bombing” to reach customers but even they are now carving up their customer base and marketing to smaller groups that exist within it. Smaller businesses need to adopt the tactics of the guerrilla, as featured in the brilliant book entitled Guerrilla Marketing. Think about the customers you have successfully engaged in the past and those you want to reach in the future. Ask yourself three questions:

What do they have in common (location, age, size, industry, sex, job, nationality…..)?

What are their habits (networking, reading, purchasing, conferences, interests…….)?

How/where do I find more of them?

Once you know the answers to these questions you are in a position to apply some personal and focussed marketing to the people most likely to buy from you. The more personalised the message the more you are likely to draw your target to look at your business.

If you are struggling for answers to the second question why not ask your existing customers?

Some of my clients are using different techniques to identify targets, including:

  • Industry code analysis of their customer base
  • Brainstorming prospect lists
  • Buying lists of specific contacts that fit their target profile

What are you going to do to get the right targets in the crosshairs?