It’s your turn

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I have been reading Seth Godin’s new book ‘What to do when it’s your turn’ and I had an insight about how people behave with new and exciting ideas, myself included. So this week I am sharing a new call to action for procrastinators everywhere.
A universal call to action
We all have that one project, that one goal, dream or change we want to make that seems to remain perpetually in our ‘to-do’ pile. It could be something new we want to start, something we want to finish or a work in progress that is not getting the energy and focus required to drive it forward.
These projects, inspiring and exciting though they are, don’t get started because we are waiting for the universe to align and produce a magical set of perfect circumstances or perhaps for just a few more people to tell us what a great idea it is. Then we will take the plunge and do it.
I have an update from the universe. The ‘perfect storm’ is not coming. The time will never feel right and there will never be enough people telling us it will work.  If it idea frightens and excites you in equal measure the time is now, and I mean NOW.
The reality is we are held back from just going for it by one overwhelming fear. The fear that it might not work and we may end up worse off than when we started.  The bad news is this right; IT MIGHT NOT WORK. We can only take a guess at what might happen in the next twelve months so any notion of security when we try something different is entirely fabricated. But the reverse is also true. We may end up worse off if we don’t do take the plunge.  The world won’t stop changing so why should you?
The real question is are you compelled to do it? Does the possibility of what lies beyond your self-imposed incapacity stir your curiosity or excite you?
Whatever the project is, whether it succeeds or fails, it WILL move you forward and give you a sense of feeling alive that staying in our safe little boxes will never give you.
So start now and push forward. Do the one obvious thing that will get your idea moving. It’s your turn…..