Loving the Grey

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That new marketing strategy rolling out this week, that ‘talking to’ with a team member, the big sales meeting or the new team member joining….whatever the big thing for you this week is. I have news for you.

It may not work and it may even make things worse!!!! Hang on Dave aren’t coaches supposed to be POSITIVE!!!

Sorry but I am not a happy-clappy coach. I am a realist. But one thing I have learned is that most things do not work out the way we predicted, planned or even desired and that is brilliant news. Success is built as much on your response to failure than it is  on the things that work.

In the current climate of technical, economic and international change there is only one constant in the world; uncertainty.

This means that more of the things that you try won’t work. But that is all the more reason to do more stuff. From ‘failures’ you gather more intelligence and take a step closer to the results you are seeking.

Treat everything you do this week as an experiment. Relax and instead of focusing on outcome, focus on doing the best job you can and being CURIOUS about the results. FAIL MORE BABY !!