Next 5 Achievements

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1. Resolve to be a global citizen, fully open to the cultures and influences of others.  There is a direct correlation between personal well-being and openness to other peoples’ ideas and cultures.  If someone has a different point of view, they’re probably right as well.  There are no absolutes anymore, so welcome different opinions.  Become a one-person champion of plurality.  Not only will you make lots of new friends, but you’ll also gather multiple reference points to help you resolve personal challenges

2. Resolve to take control of your destiny.  Don’t be so busy trying to make a living that you forget to make a life.  Decide who you want to be and what you want to achieve and then stride boldly toward your vision.  The most precious human commodity today is confidence

3. Resolve to increase your human connectedness.  The person with the best connections wins.  The wider your network, the more opportunities you generate.  It’s all about trust.  And it’s all about profile — your presence in the minds of the people who matter.  So invest at least 10 percent of your time broadening your sphere of influence.  Connect other people to the opportunities within your network: cross-pollinate their potential.  When you are with others, make every encounter a pleasurable one.  When you listen, truly listen.  And burn your fear of rejection

4. Resolve to increase your creativity by letting go of the familiar.  Nothing is as far away as yesterday.  Try to see the world through fresh eyes every day.  As Salman Rushdie writes, every year is the Stone Age to the year that follows it.  Listen to your intuition and follow your instincts, they’ll tell you what to do before your head has had a chance to figure it out.  You are a Picasso or Einstein at something.  Discover what it is and then develop it to the maximum

5. Resolve to be you because others are already taken.  You and I are at our best when we’re being authentic.  We’re at our best when we’re being positively spontaneous, because that’s when all our energy is being invested in the task at hand or with the person in front of us.  In a hyper-competitive world, we cannot afford to second-guess ourselves.  Success in the new century is all about speed.  So act now, because if not now, when?