Pick up the Phone – It Doesn’t Bite!!!

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We know the phone is a great way of communicating with customers and prospects so stop looking at it like you are having a staring contest with a Rattlesnake!

It has been proven by countless business failures that you have more chance of finding sales if you phone and talk to people than if you are surfing e-bay, checking your inbox ordoing the filing. Sales are the lifeblood of your business and the phone is still one the best prospecting tools around.

Try dialling people in this order:

· People who have bought from you in the past

· People who expressed an interest in the past, but didn’t buy that time

· People you met in the past and exchanged business cards

· People that you don’t know, but who may need your products and services

Persist with this and you will make appointments and then close some sales.

Now if the thought of this is making your throat dry and your palms sweat you are in good company.  The vast majority of sales people do not like “cold calling”.  In fact I have a theory that the reason sales people are paid commission is not for success but compensation for the amount of “no’s” they have to deal with.

So here are some top tips for getting past phone anxiety:

  • Do not procrastinate over this task. Do it first thing and do not stop until you have the number of appointments or sales you need
  • Imagine how great you will feel when you have finished the calls and how lousy you will feel if you don’t do them
  • Reward yourself for completing your target number of calls –
  • Have pictures of the things you want, places you want to visit etc on the wall to remind yourself why you are making the calls and why they are important to you
  • Post a picture of a chicken on the wall (no explanation needed!)

Finally a quote from Lans Armstrong about discipline in doing what is necessary to achieve your goals “the pain of discipline or the pain of regret”

So don’t be a chicken and pick up the phone.  Write a script, print off a list, get dialling, make connections, make appointments and start to win business.


Happy dialling!