Raving Fans – The Only Way to Grow your Business

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While out on my travels meeting business owners to give them a free coaching session I almost always hear how loyal customers are and how much new business comes from “word of mouth”.  However, I also tend to find that the term “word of mouth” is used very loosely and can also mean “We really don’t have any idea where our customers originated from, but I think it’s Word of Mouth!”

Now don’t get me wrong.  Word of mouth or as I like to refer to as Raving Fans are one, if not the most important lifeline for your business.

If you treat your customers well (and when I say well, I mean you have given them the Wow Factor) and deliver a CONSISTENT level of service they become raving fans of your business.  Not only do they continue give you their business they also tell all their friends and acquaintances about you as well, without being prompted. In fact, they are better at selling your business than you are.

I am a raving fan of three businesses in particular; Little Gem who provide my brilliant PA service, Sullivan and Sykes menswear in Fleet High Street (best customer service ever) and Amazon (the online bookstore for those of you who have been cryogenically frozen for the last ten years). It’s funny that for all my advocacy of these businesses they have never asked me for a testimonial or for referrals!!

Here are five ways to show your raving fans how much you love them and get them selling even more for you:

  • Keep on delivering a consistent and excellent (not satisfactory) standard of service to them. Don’t let your standards slip ever!!!
  • Change your marketing budget and start spending more on keeping customers rather than spend being all about getting new customers
  • Do something out of the blue for your raving fans so they know how much you appreciate their business
  • Ask them for a testimonial (written, oral or even better; video!) that tells others what a great experience it is dealing with your company
  • Make it easy for them to refer. Create a process and give them stuff of value as an incentive or WIIFM (What’s in it for me)