Leadership and People Development for SME’s


Here at Sleeping Tiger we want you to get results from your business FAST and with the least possible amount of effort. We achieve this by working with the most important leverage point under your control. You and your people


The Business Breakthrough program shortcuts three years of business coaching and gets you the results you want faster than you can imagine. Working with five other £1m + business owners in small group sessions, and 1-1 with me, you will quickly identify what is holding you back from growing or changing the business you have. If your company is ‘stuck’ or capable of much more than it is delivering, then this is the program for you.

You will not only see a massive shift in your company, with minimal effort, you will also find the confidence, clarity of thinking and resilience to deal with whatever comes up in the future. The goal of the program is that by the end of the six months you won’t need my help anymore!

If you are considering, or are already working, with a Business coach or consultant, then explore the power of this option first. It will save you thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours.


Your people

The truth is for most businesses the hidden and under-used capabilities of their people are the single most powerful leverage point for customer and profit growth. In SME’s everyone from the owner downwards is required to be

  • Flexible – You and your team have to deal with a wide variety of issues and there should be no such words as ‘not my job’ when it comes to getting it right for customers
  • Resourceful – A small business like yours means that specialised expertise is not always at hand to resolve problems. Your people need to be able to solve challenges and problems while keeping the plane flying
  • Resilient – Small businesses are fast moving environments. You and your teams need to be capable of dealing with high levels of uncertainty and be willing to execute rapid change to exploit opportunities and overcome challenges.


We run two levels of team program

Managers and Junior Directors

The Sleeping Tiger leadership program is a six-month program during which time particpants work with a small multi-discipline peer group from other small businesses, and 1-1 with me. The program focuses on raising commercial acumen, self awareness, leadership skills and good management habits, using practical and simple tools. Participants complete a commercial project (that their manager chooses) within their company while they undertake the training. This allows them to practice applying their new skills in the live environment

Team Members

We run programs for team members based on the type of role they are engaged in:


  • Sales Ninja – this program is a game changer for those involved in prospecting and selling services to new customers and managing sales accounts
  • Service Ninja – designed for those members of the team who are in regular contact with customers and who have an opportunity to ‘wow’ customers and grow value
  • Support Ninja – For team members who operate in administration or support roles, crucial to the company running well.


What you need to do next


Your next step is to arrange a phone or face to face conversation with me to discuss what program(s) and approach is right for you or your people. Just simply drop me an email at dave@sleepingtiger.co.uk and tell me what you are interested in exploring. We will take care of the rest.