Shift Happens!!!

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Ignoring the recession for the time being (and remember you should not be giving it your attention or focus in any case) there can be no doubt that the world is undergoing change at an amazing rate, fuelled by population growth and technological breakthroughs. Shift Happens

Take five minutes to watch the attached video which provides an insight into how the extent, and pace, of change is accelerating (it refers to the US a lot but you will get the picture).  Change of this magnitude affects us all in some way or other.  As business owners we have to get used to living with a higher degree of uncertainty when we make decisions about our businesses.

Conversely these changes create opportunities for you to find better ways to serve your customers and drive more profit.

The past is no longer an accurate predictor of the future.  In reality the best that we can hope for is to develop flexible and adaptable skills so we can cope with ambiguity and uncertainty.  Having a mentor and coach is key to developing news skills and approaches.

By having someone who challenges and asks probing questions about your business, and suggests alternative viewpoints, your possibilities become clearer and seemingly unachievable goals, move within reach.