The death of normal

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What does normal mean to you? What is a normal business, a normal career, a normal relationship and a normal life?. What are your normal results?

I have just come back from a four week fitness camp in Thailand. In this weeks video I talk through what it is like to come back from a place like that into ‘normal’ life. 

Its important because whatever your definition of normal is, it will be doing one of two things to your life; pushing you forward or holding you back. Not only that but normal as a goalpost is constantly changing for the simple reason that you are changing and the world around you is changing. 

As for me, I have come back with a new sense of what normal is going to be and I am making some changes. Here are a few things for you to mull over as you get stuck into 2015. 

1. Can you help me reach more people?

Over the next twelve months I am going to focus these messages on who you are and how that is effecting your results. Its going to be hard hitting and to the point. 

If you are excited by the idea of challenging who you are and what you are about then I would love you to stick around and also help me get these vital messages to others. Its hard to find good things going on in the media so I am taking it upon myself to show people how much more there is available to them when they focus on who they are and what they truly want. So give your family, friends, team, suppliers and customers the gift of some of the deeply challenging questions and insights I am going to throw into the mix in the coming months. They can subscribe here