The Power of Deciding You Want Something

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The Bramshill Adder – The power of deciding you want something
Ever since I was young I have always wanted to see a wild Adder. Hours spent searching sand dunes and heathland as a child had been fruitless, and whilst my interest wained as an adult I always kept an eye out in likely places.

Last year however something changed. I made a decision I was going to see one. Living near Bramshill was a distinct advantage. There are even signs warning people to “Beware of Adders” so I knew this was my chance. Research on the internet suggested that they were best seen in April/May early on sunny mornings; particularly on the border of woodland and heathland where they favoured south facing slopes for basking.

So I set out early on Saturday morning over to Bramshill. I found a woodland / heathland border area and there on the first south facing slope I found was this

So I thought what a great example this was for anything we want in life. To turn a dream into a result you have to
1. Set a goal i.e. decide that it is an intent of yours
2. Plan to achieve the goal – do the homework and create a plan of the steps
3. Take action – do the things in the plan