The Ultimate Business Leverage point

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What would be the thing you could do that would have the single biggest impact on your business – whats the ultimate leverage point?

You can probably identify several things that would propel you forward, a big marketing push, strategies to increase your sales, new products etc.

But there is one ultimate leverage point that will improve your results more decisively than any strategy or plan. If you own or run a business the results you get are a DIRECT relfection of the • clarity of purpose and the level of focus you apply
• confidence you possess
• breadth and depth of knowledge that you hold
• actions you take

So just how engaged are you in driving your business forward? How much time and money do you put into your business education so that you have a flow of ideas and inspiration that will keep you forging forwards while everyone else sits on their backsides wondering why their markets are drying up?

How leveraged is your effort? Are you only doing the things that are highest value for you to be involved in or are you running on the hamster wheel wondering how on earth you move forwards? Is someone pushing you and encouraging you to do more and be more than you currently are ? One thing is for sure if you keep repeating the behaviours of yesterday you will get the same results tomorrow.

As a business owner myself I have learned that there are only three things I need to focus on.

1. Providing great service
2. Getting new clients
3. Learning to be better

So what are you doing to be better than you are now?