Using Your Network to Grow your Business

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Using your Network to Grow your Business

If you could talk to one prospect, mentor or supplier that could propel your business to the next level who would it be?

They could be easier to trace than you think. The theory of six degrees of separation claims that it is possible to connect with anyone via a chain of up to six people. Numerous studies and experiments have been undertaken to prove or disprove this theory and whilst the findings can always be disputed, in some way they all result in an uncanny proximity to the number six.

An application on Facebook called Six Degrees calculated that whilst the maximum degree of separation was 12, the average was 5.73….Spooky eh? I guess the real point here is that with platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn now counting member numbers in the many millions you can find whoever you want if you have: the tenacity to keep looking a great network of your own to start with a message of value to the person you wish to speak to.

If you don’t use any of these platforms to promote yourself and your business then I have some news for you: THE INTERNET IS NOT GOING AWAY. You are missing out on the biggest conversation the world has ever had and this technology will change the way business works forever, and its free!!!!

What are you waiting for? Make a list of five companies which would be your ideal customers and start trying to connect. Friends, family, business events and of course social media are great places to start.  You will be amazed who knows who. Why not try sparking up conversations in queues or on the train, just think who you could be standing or sitting next to!

Have you seen Airships flying over Basingstoke? Me neither!

I spoke to a retailer on the phone this week and was told that trade was down by 20% this year due to the recession.  For once I resisted my standard reply of “Actually it’s down by 20% because of your attitude to the recession.”  Instead I asked what strategies had they tried to counteract the 20% drop and received another yawn inducing predictable answer  “EVERYTHING!”

I was stunned.  I hadn’t seen an airship over Basingstoke advertising their sale or received an inventive piece of marketing from them (remind me to tell you about the doughnut strategy sometime).

Do you find yourself thinking that you have tried it all?

In the books “Instant Cashflow” and “Guerrilla Marketing” there are over 500 ideas for boosting your profits.  On top of that when you add your creativity to the mix there are countless variations of things you can try to boost sales.

So, stop kidding yourself that you have tried “everything” and get back to work!