We Can’t Find Good People

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“You get the people you deserve!”  Brad Sugars – ActionCOACH Founder

Next time you are faced with the challenge of recruiting good people ask yourself:


  • Why would good people want to come and work for my business?
  • Where and how am I fishing for talent?
  • Do I jump for joy when anyone wants to work for my business and recruit them irrespective of their skills and experience?


So, want to know some top tips to help you select the best people?
1. Spread a wide net

Use a wide variety of sources to generate leads.  Don’t be tight!  Invest in sources that will bring you the best people.  After all, you do want good people don’t you?
Try agencies, adverts, on-line sites, the job centre and employee referrals.

BONUS TIP: If someone is recommended to you or you know someone – GREAT!!!  But always put them through the process with the others.

2. Write a job advert like you would write a product advert

Make job adverts and job descriptions compelling and exciting so they reflect the type of company you are (except if your company is boring!!).

Use the same principles I told you about in the last newsletter (drop us an email if you would like it re-sent).

3. Weed out the chaff quickly

Use an answering machine and get prospective employees to leave a brief message about who they are and why they want to come and work for your company.

This is a brilliant way of initial screening instead of CV’s.  (People can write any old cobblers on their CV!)

4. Select carefully

Whilst reflecting on a disastrous appointment that ended in tears, I asked one of my clients recently, “What did you think of this person when you interviewed them?”  He replied, “Oh, I thought they would do!!!”  When you think this DO NOT progress.  You have doubt!

Use structured interviewing (learn to interview properly), group exercises and personality/competence profiling tools to set a clear picture and make a good choice.