We Have Tried Advertising and it Doesn’t Work

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If you have tried advertising in some format in the past and it didn’t give you the results you wanted it is likely you will experience one of the two reactions:

  • We tried it and it didn’t work, therefore advertising does not work for my company
  • We tried it and it didn’t work. I wonder what it was about the campaign that was not right and how we might learn from it and try again

Be honest!!!  Where do you feel you are?

Designing a Campaign

Marketing is not a black art and there is nothing complex about it if you focus on 3 things when planning a campaign:

Target – Who are you trying to target?  What do you know about their habits and their needs? What is the best way to get your message to them?

Offer – What are you offering them that will compel them to respond and take action?  What’s great about your product or service?

Copy – What do you need to say to attract their attention and get them to read it?

You should spend the vast bulk of your effort on identifying and understanding your target before designing a compelling offer for them. Writing copy becomes easy once you have done this. Just make sure that you follow the AIDA Principle:

ATTENTION: You have just seconds to grab your potential customers attention. Use a powerful headline such as “7 things you should know about…” or “How to….” – these speak directly to their needs or challenges.

INTEREST: Once you have got their attention you need to sustain interest by telling them some valuable information. Use “you” rather then “we” language. No one is interested in you, but they love to read stuff that helps them.

DESIRE: The copy needs to build desire in the customer by making them see how your product or service helps them. Back the information up with testimonials and guarantees.

ACTION: Include a call to action that requires your customer to do something…. NOW!!! If you allow them to defer action you will lose them.