What you don’t know WILL hurt you

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Since you left full-time education, how much time per week do you dedicate to learning?  – and that’s not including learning the latest plot on Eastenders!

Leaving school marks the beginning of your “learning journey.”  Expanding your knowledge provides you with new ideas, opinions and options for building your business and achieving the lifestyle you want.

If you want to get the business, the money and the lifestyle you want it’s fundamental to make learning one of your top priorities.  So what do I mean by learning?

  • Know your numbers – Keeping score and comparing results to see what’s really happening instead of what you think is happening
  • What are your team doing? – What’s going on for your team?  How are they feeling about the business and what are they learning and improving?
  • What’s happening in your market? – Talking to your suppliers, competitors and other similar businesses to learn about trends in your market
  • What do your customers think of you?  – What do your customers really think of you and how could you improve?  What annoys them most about your industry?
  • What new ideas can you gain? – What new personal philosophies and ideas exist out there that could change your life and business?


“But I’m a busy business owner, when am I meant to find the time to learn?”

Not having the time to learn can’t be used as an excuse.  It’s essential for your business.

 Stop making excuses and try these great learning habits:

1.       Listen to an audio tape in the car, on the train travelling to meetings or even while you are working out in the gym.  Want some ideas? Go to my book page where you will find my recommended reads (or listens)

2.       If you hate reading, just try reading for 15 minutes each day

3.       Do your learning first thing in the morning before you get distracted with your busy day

4.       Read a book with a colleague, hold each other to account and share your learning to deepen your understanding

5.       Trade TV time for reading time

 “The only thing that is more expensive than education is ignorance.” 

  Benjamin Franklin

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