When in Doubt, Copy!

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Can you just imagine how good the kid in this months clip will be by the time he is old enough to be in a rock band?

He has clearly learned from and imitated a great drummer somewhere (even down to the facial expressions!!!).

It got me thinking about how efficient imitation is as a time management technique.  Whether you are designing a new marketing campaign, motivating your team or serving your customers, one of the quickest and cheapest ways to generate ideas is to watch how the companies you most love dealing with do it and then adapt it for your own business.

Try an experiment next time you are food shopping. Visit two different supermarket chains and notice the differences in layout, ambience, staff, products and the service you get.

I alternate between shopping at Morrisons and Waitrose and over time I have figured out how Waitrose manage to extract more cash from me for the same basket of goods and yet I do not feel cheated.  Once you start to study how other businesses around you work it can save you a load of time trying to think of your own ideas.  That’s got to be worth doing!!