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What’s the story?

I do love a good business story. I’ve been the business of participating in, and collecting stories, my entire life and largely without realising it so have you. The things that you, and other people, do that drive both success and failure within your business and life.


I’m interested in these stories, not to copy them or turn them into a ‘formula for success’. Copying others or follow success formulas doesn’t work. You can read Richard Branson’s life story as often as you like but you will never do what he did or get the success he got. That’s because you are not Richard Branson, you don’t perceive the world as he does, your definition of success will be different and your context has never, and never will be, his.


I’m interested in them because they hold the key to the levels of performance you need to truly be the person you wish to be and achieve the results that REALLY matter to you. There are the stories that are deeply inter woven in your being; that without you knowing fuel your perspective and every idea you have, decision you make and action you take.


This personal story is shaping your perspective from the moment you wake up, it dictates how you show up in the office and in every interaction with your team, customers and suppliers. It shapes how you think about marketing, sales, money, margins, quality and service: EVERYTHING.


It got you here

Your business, right now, is a representation of everything that you, and your team, hold to be true (adapted from a quote by a good friend of mine)

If your personal story in relation to a situation is an empowering story it will move you forward and if it isn’t it will hold you back.  But when thing is true; its got you right here, to this point.

For many years my story kept me blind to just who I truly was. If you really want to understand the power a personal story holds then take a look at this short video, where I talk about three myths that held me back.  My corporate career was a huge success by most measurable standards yet I spent much of it feeling unhappy and anxious.


Right here now.

Its been five years since I left ActionCOACH (a coaching franchise that I invested a LOT of money in because, once again, my interpretation of my own story was flawed) and set up Sleeping Tiger.


I’ve shifted a lot of thinking out of my way to get to a point where I now operate with 100% personal confidence in my abilities and clarity of what it is I do for my clients and, in return, what I want that to deliver to me.

Imagine if you were the person you always wished you was; a high level functioning human being, fully aware of your strengths and blind spots. Relaxed, connected, confident and self-assured. This person is closer than you think but you are going to have to be willing to surrender the unhelpful bits of your story that don’t serve you.

Wherever you want to go next with your business you are called on to move into uncertainty and, I’d argue that the commercial world is about as mixed up as I’ve seen it in the last three decades.

Your ability to perceive, with clarity, what is happening around you and to confidently make decisions and take actions in the direction of your goals is going to be the single biggest leverage point in putting yourself in the best position for getting where you want to be.

Taking control of your story allows you to have a far wider sense of possibility, a bigger field of view if you like. When it comes to dealing with the contact sport of the day to day business arena you can escape your own patterned responses to find easier and quicker solutions to whatever emerges.

As Morpheus famously said in the Matrix:


“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

If you are ready for a ‘red pill’ conversation you can book a free session with me here. See you on the other side