Why is your business wearing the cloak of invisibility?

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Ladder Rung 1 – Suspect to Prospect

Out there in the world there are plenty of potential customers who would be perfect for your business. In ActionCOACH we call them suspects. They don’t know you and you don’t know them. Your goal with suspects is to find them and turn a percentage of them into prospects. This is the process that you know as marketing.

Watch the short video for an explanation of how to find suspects and how to make them prospects…

To watch the video click on the link: Ladder of Loyalty

Here’s my top five Suspect to Prospect strategies:

1. Share your expertise with suspects. Send them useful information that will help them (like this newsletter for example). Draw up a list of twelve subjects and write one page (let’s not bore them to death) a month and send it to everyone you know and put it on your website

2. Make it easy for them to find you by having a well optimised website. If you don’t have the money to have a decent website then either find it, earn it or give up and get a job. You cannot afford to be in business without one. Mine is currently being built and it is going to be something very special

3. Draw up a list of suspects or buy some data and get writing and calling. There is no better way to engage people than a well written letter followed up with a call or visit

4. Have a ton of case studies and testimonials to hand so that suspects get a chance to see how you have helped people just like them

5. Understand how much profit a customer delivers you over the whole lifetime of your relationship with them and then figure out how much it is worth investing to buy more customers. If you are not prepared to invest to acquire new customers don’t be surprised if your business doesn’t grow